Turitos Ventures in partnership with Newtech Group. Currently the partnership’s primary focus is in the Oil and Gas sector. Newtech Group through its extensive network secures proven suppliers and locates capable buyers to take delivery of Gas, Oil and Oil Products. it main objective is to become market leader in at least two of these four areas listed below

  • Trading of oil, oil derivates and other energy sources (LNG, LPG), refining of crude oil;
  • Development and implementation of renewable energy sources;
  • Trading of base materials (ferrous and non-ferrous minerals, urea, etc.)
  • Value added services (insurance, shipping and logistical services,
  • Engineering capability in refining projects, etc.).

We source, transport, store, offer finance and supply commodities that meet the need of global industries. The JV combines the strength of its unique boutique marketing capability with the knowledge and supply provided through its own diversified portfolio of production and logistics assets. The Newtech Group & Turitos Ventures Ltd does not try to engage in one time sales deals, but prefers to work with companies where a win-win situation can be formed and developed for the benefit of both parties on a long term basis. The JV offers a first-class logistics organization by working with its partners in the delivery of all products from oil, coal and aircraft. This is coupled with excellent management of every step of the process to ensure reliability