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Turitos Ventures Limited is a private liability company limited by share. The company was incorporated on the 10th of February, 1993 in Nigeria with registration # 215139.The company was registered to carry out the businesses of general importation and exportation of commodities, to liaise with and represent foreign and local companies; for enhanced marketing of products and services from best- in- class industrial sources.We are also by the virtue of our business inclination involved in, supply of marine equipment and materials, printing/reprographics, supply of Personal Protective Equipment, Lihgting & Home Appliances, and chemicals for Vacuum Toilet system maintenance, industrial cleaning and for bio -remediation needs.

Our Mission

TURITOS VENTURES with clear proficiency in business skills as articulated by its management will continually expend extra time and effort through integrated actions, not only in converting enterprise into currency and equity, but to continually strive to satisfy customer’s requirements and proactively re-engineer our processes – leading to a sustainable competitive advantage

Our Quality Policy

TURITOS VENTURES is a quality company.Quality is the basic business principle For TURITOS VENTURES LIMITED. Quality means providing our externalInnovative services and good products that fully satisfy their requirements. Quality improvementIs the job of every employee”.

Corporate Objectives

With focused planning, drive, dedication and discipline, “our goal is not to just go where the path may lead, but to go where there is no path and leave a trail” – giving all clients variety and the best there is with regards to our products and service delivery;

To remain a relevant prime-mover in our industry through competitive pricing and development of personal contact with customers through our exceptionally proactive caste of seasoned professionals – engendering customer satisfaction and goodwill for further patronage from all clients.

Our Core Values

Effective and efficient Operation based on prudent management of available resources (Human and material) within a safe framework, enhancing a benchmarked position; offering us competitive differential advantages in all areas and promoting best practices within the industry.

Satisfying our customers- Internal and External (a) Internal – a well motivated work-force, with emphasis on teamwork and performance recognition (b) External – Providing our customers/suppliers, innovative products and service delivery respectively.

Other core values are (a) Quality Policy (b) Quality improvement process & Quality Assurance (c) The benchmarking process (d) Health, Safety and environment policy